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Halloween blood mat

Halloween blood mat

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Voted the #1 Gag Gift

The Blood Mat is the only real color changing bath mat that turns red when wet. Scare the hell out of guests in your home when they step out of the shower with this one-of-a-kind bath mat! It's like something out of a horror film - you've got to see it to believe it!

It's full of surprises!

The original Blood Mat is a seemly normal white bath sheet that suddenly turns a shocking red when wet and dries back white again.

Scare the hell out of anyone in your house! Made from a thin, versatile fabric you can hide practically anywhere in the bathroom.


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Does the Blood Mat actually change color when wet?

Yes!The unique Blood Mat is the only bath mat of its kind that actually changes color when wet with water. Each authentic white mat sheet is invisibly thin, about the width of a thick sheet of non-slip plastic.

How should I care for my mat?

Wipe and hang to air dry after each use. The color will not drip off. Caution: If you don’t hang up to dry, color stains most likely will remain on your mat when the water has dried. Please read the Important Safety Instructions before use


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Our Guarantee

We have a 30 Day risk-free trial once you receive our product!, That is how confident we are you will love our Blood Mat.